A Life Medley

Promotion of Young Talent

The promotion of young talent has been of special concern of Gertrud Huber for many years. She was the national youth consultant for the German Zither Association (Deutscher Zithermusik-Bund e. V.) and an examiner for the Association of German Music Schools (Verband deutscher Musikschulen). She organized courses in New Music and popular music that are especially designed for young people.

Competitions: Awards and Jury Memberships

At the beginning of her career, Gertrud Huber received the first national award in the competition "Jugend musiziert" (Youth plays music) in the division "zither solo" as well as a prize for young competitors in the folk competition "Zwiesler Fink". Her composition "Erratisches Volksspiel in a dutzend Bildern – Ein augüstliches Zinnenglühen" brought her first prize in a composer’s competition held in Landro, Italy.

She has repeatedly sat on the jurys for the national and international competitions.


- in magazin "Zwiefach"

- in Bavarian Radio 2014 "Eins zu Eins. Der Talk in Bayern 2"

- TV "Wir in Bayern" with Gertrud Huber Zither, January, 4th 2017

- Frauen in Wissenschaft und Lehre - Wissenschaftswissenschaft, Feldforschung und Lehrer anhand dreier Beispiele" - Interview bei Eigenklang, RadioOrange 94.0/Emap.FM InternetRadio 2013


- International GUGAK Workshop 2019 in Seoul/South Korea: Instruction on Gayageum, Geomungo and Ajaeng
- MasterClass: RINGVE International Summer Course in Early Music 2019 and the Olvasfest/Trondheim (Norway) with Thomas Boysen (Lute)
- „Managing the Arts: Marketing for Cultural Organizations“ (2015) und „Managing the Arts: Cultural Organizations in Transition“ (2016) - Leuphana Digital School, Goethe-Institut, University of Lüneburg
- Controller’s Seminar and CAP Seminar: Specialized training in Communication, Presentation, Moderation, Soft Skills - Controller Akademie, Wörthsee/Germany (2012-2014/2019)
- Training in the well-known methode „Alexander-Technique“ from F. M. Alexander