Traditional Alpine music
— at the roots of European art music ...

... has profoundly influenced the extraordinary artist Gertrud Huber.

The Bavarian musician Gertrud Huber regularly performs in all the major styles associated with the zither and the harp - music with Alpine music at its very core! The passion and allure so characteristic of this Alpine cultural heritage is central to Gertrud Huber’s music making. For while she performs zither and harp compositions of great diversity, they all have common roots in traditional Alpine music.

The traditional music at the basis of European art music is still especially present in the culture of Bavaria, Austria and Switzerland.

Gertrud Huber knows that an artist grows from sharing music with peers. She ist doing that with intention of re-activating Alpine native musical instruments (eg. Alpine zither, hammered dulcimer, Tyrolean harp, Styrian hand harmonica, Southern Bavarian raffele, Southern Tyrolean ocarina and folk clarinet) and their music.

Highlights of her career were the invitation of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra – with conductor Kurt Masur — to play the zither solo in "G’schichten aus dem Wienerwald" (Tales from the Vienna Woods) and her digital re-recording of the famous Anton Karas soundtrack "The Third Man" in London with Silva Screen Records.

This season, Gertrud Huber will present zither highlights in concerts in Uruguay, Argentina and China. The Christmas concerts with the Chorgemeinschaft Neubeuern (Gertrud Huber/harp) at the Philharmonie Munich and the Alte Oper Frankfurt had to be cancelled. On the Passing of conductor Enoch zu Guttenberg Gertrud Huber send her most heartfelt condolences. Guttenberg is an unforgettable conductor who changed us for the better.

In December 2012 and 2015 Gertrud Huber played zither at the club Christmas-party of FCB (FC Bayern Munich). After concerts in Israel, Brazil, India, and China, Gertrud Huber performed also in Uzbekistan, Dubai and Turkey. A new program was presented at the UNICEF benefit-festival in Passau/Germany: "JODLER & TAKSIM, LÄNDLER & MAKAM. Zither & Oud with Gertrud Huber (Germany) and Bilen Işıktaş (Turkey)".

Welcome to Gertrud Huber’s website! Here you can find out more about her artistic life and scientific work.