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Listen to a musical cabinet of rarities performed on the zither and the Styrian harmonica by the Salonduo Huber: Gertrud Huber and Hermann Huber, actually, they are not related or married. However, they both like early 20th century salon music and Alpine Folk music. Performing traditional music on the stage, Gertrud and Hermann create a passionate ambiente beyond categorized genres. Traditional Music with marvellous melodies, melancholy, catching joviality, garnished with knowledge and exciting narratives.

Salon Music with Gertrud Huber

This piano trio is oriented toward practices common during the Viennese Classical Period. Today the zither replaces the café violinist of that time, and instead of a cello, a contra guitar supplies the necessary support for the pianist’s left hand. When playing in this combination, the group cultivates the music of Georg Freundorfer, which is rooted in Southern German-Austrian musical tradition.

Schrammel Music played in trio formation was a common sight (and sound) in Munich at the turn of the last century. With Gertrud Huber at the zither, the trio plays dance music and other light music as it was popular then.

Toni-Goth-Ensemble (1990 - 2001)

The Toni-Goth Ensemble was famous for Bavarian folk music - "that musical country between Bohemia and Italy" - including traditional landlers, sedate dancing music, exuberant polkas, instrumental songs and jodlers. Gertrud Huber played the peasant’s harp in this remarkable ensemble.

Chiemgau String Quintett/Neubeuern String Ensemble

For special occasions, Gertrud Huber plays in quintett with colleagues. This was the case in 2014, for example, at the Christmas concerts sung by the Neubeuern Choir under the direction of Enoch zu Guttenberg.


One day a zitherplayer from Marktl, Gertrud Huber, meets a harmonica player (mouth organ), Fabrizio Giannuzzi, from the land of Papa Giovanni … and they play music together!
Let’s go … the tour between the Old, Modern and future starts.

Ensemble Huber-Sinnesbichler

Gertrud Huber, Franz Sinnesbichler and Irmgard Sinnesbichler play music together in various ensembles (bandoneon/clarinet/harp, zither/dulcimer/guitar and bandoneon/zither/guitar) at concerts, church events, celebrations and - just for fun in pubs. The repertoire includes mainly Alpine folk music and courtly music.

Diverse Ensemble Combinations for Bavarian Folk Music

Again and again, opportunities arise for making music in a variety of instrumental combinations.

Gertrud Huber plays music in unusual combinations with equally enthusiastic friends:
- Violin, zither, harmonium, contra guitar (playing Wiener Schrammel Music)
- Zither, accordion and contra guitar
- Two violins, harp and contra guitar

Chamber Music and other Combinations

- Harpsichord and zither
- Traverse flute, salterio, harp, zither
- Duo arrangements with zither and singer (soprano, tenor, baritone)
among others, "Musica con salterio", "Sappradi"

Grafenberg Saitenmusik

Plucked music in the tradition of Tobi-Reiser’s-Ensemble with melodic guitar/dulcimer, zither, harp, guitar for accompaniment and double bass. Theresa Huber from Grafing is composing the very inspiring music for the ensemble.